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The new & improved Pinch No BS Kit now features most of the original items, but for 2022 we've added a folding rescue knife, and packaged it all in a double layer Cordura pouch from DMADA Creative, in Nampa, ID.

Manufactured to last a lifetime, these new pouches are easily attached to the outside of a backpack, ATV, or bicycle. With a weatherproof zipper and sturdy Cordura construction, they will take a serious beating without compromising the contents.


Double layer DMADA Pouch

Pinch Pocket Kindling

Pinch Number Two (Toilet Paper)
1 Folding Rescue Knife

32 Strike Anywhere Matches

5 Zip Ties

5 Latex Free Cloth Bandages

12’ Duct Tape

12’ 550 Paracord

Perfectly placed in a glove box, or on a pack, when you need any of these items, you'll be very glad you have them!

Pinch No BS Kit

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